The order will be shipped after it has been paid in full (see “payment”).
The products purchased in the internet shop are not for resale.
The orders are shipped from Santegra Inc. warehouses located in Riga, Latvia.

Parcels are shipped by the postal service or the courier service (DPD).
The postal delivery can take up to one month. If the parcel has not been delivered during this time, the investigation can take 1-3 months (according to the Universal Postal Convention). 
Shipping with DPD takes 3-7 working days, and the advantages of this method is the ability to track the shipment along the route, and to get in touch with the delivery company if it is necessary.

The delivery can be delayed due to the emergency situations.
If you have not received your order within the above-mentioned terms, and could not get in touch with the postal or courier service, please contact Santegra Inc. support service as soon as possible.

If the parcel has been stored in the destination postal office for a month and has not been claimed by the customer, or if there were two unsuccessful courier delivery attempts due to the customer’s fault (such as the wrong address or phone number, the absence of the addressee, or a refuse to accept the parcel), the parcel will be returned to the warehouse.
In this case, the customer will pay the full reshipment fee.

Please check the package carefully at delivery and make sure that the transportation box has not been damaged. You have the right to refuse to accept a damaged parcel, and it will be returned to the company’s warehouse.
In this case, please inform Santegra Inc. support service about your complaint against the delivery company, and send the photo of the damaged parcel to, or to the warehouse.
After the parcel’s return to the warehouse and its examination, if the damage has been confirmed, the order will be reshipped free of charge.

Please check the content of the parcel as soon as you receive it. If you have opened the undamaged transportation box and noticed that the parcel’s content differs from what has been ordered or the product packages has been damaged, or you have found other defects, please contact Santegra Inc. support service immediately, and send the photos of the parcel and the damaged products.
If you claim that the quantity of the products differs from what you have ordered, an independent warehouse inventory will take place, and the summary weight of the ordered products and the transportation box will be compared with the weight recorded by the delivery company.
In case of Santegra Inc. warehouse mistake, the customer will receive missing products free of charge.