Dentist shares six ‘secrets’ to good dental health – and brushing your teeth isn’t one

Another surprising way to improve your dental health is to eat chocolate – dark chocolate, to be specific.
“Powerful anti-bacterial agents” are found in dark chocolate, which can help to fight cavities, confirmed Dr Kasam.
“However, this doesn’t mean you should be indulging in chocolate, as you only need a small amount to benefit,” he cautioned.

Dr Kasam also pointed out that celery “is one of the industry’s most recommended vegetables due to its natural anti-bacterial properties”.
“Whether consumed in juices, soups or creams, the malic acid contained within celery also promotes saliva production to clean your teeth naturally,” Dr Kasam added on.

Taking good care of your dental health is key to help prevent your teeth from falling out.
Good oral hygiene is the best way to treat gum disease, and this includes brushing your teeth, twice daily, for two minutes.

It also involves flossing daily, not smoking, and regularly visiting your dentist – at least once every two years.


Rinsing your mouth with Santegra’s product MOUTH RINSE along with flossing and brushing your teeth will help maintain oral health.