Face & Body Protective Moisturizing Foam

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Face and Body Protective Moisturizing Foam:

Moisturizes skin;
Creates a protective barrier against environmental hazards;
For all skin types;
Hypoallergenic formula;

Skin is your body’s largest organ, its surface is approximately 2 square meters, and weight about 5% of the body weight.
Skin is essential for many vital body processes, has a lot of different functions, and one of the most important is protection. Skin protects our body against mechanical impacts, it is a barrier that keeps environmental pathogens out of the human body, it protects against the ultraviolet irradiation, against different chemical substances. Skin is also important for the body’s thermoregulation, has respiratory and excretory functions.
Glowing, smooth skin is a sign of good health and well-being.
Santegra® introduces a new face and body skin product with smoothing, protective and moisturizing properties. Santegra® Face and Body Protective Moisturizing Foam has been manufactured using the same cutting edge know-how technology as the new and popular product Santegra® Hand Sanitizer Moisturizing Foam.

The smallest particles of the precious metal - silver pico particles are used in this formula.
This breakthrough technology uses a specially formed 3D matrix backbone as the carrier and distribution agent for silver pico particles, thus providing perfectly even coverage, stability, and protection against environmental hazards. At the same time the respiratory function of the skin is not disturbed, and the skin cells are supplied with oxygen as usual.

Santegra® Face and Body Protective Moisturizing Foam does not absorb through the skin, thus it can be used without age limitations.
This is a multifunctional product, it can be used for skin moisturizing and protection, helps to soothe irritated skin, and even can be useful as a deodorant.
The foam can be easily washed off with a warm water without soap.

One of the benefits of the new product – it covers your skin with the invisible breathable protective layer, and does not stain the clothes.

Key ingredient: Silver Oxide.

Other Ingredients: Ultrapure water, Betaine, Cocamine Oxide, Butylene Glycol, PEI-1750, Aminomethyl Propanol, Hydrochloric Acid

Manufactured exclusively for Santegra, Inc.
Made in EU

Apply generously to thoroughly washed and dried skin. Distribute evenly with your fingertips, and keep skin moist for at least 30 seconds, then let it dry completely.

Avoid eye area.

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